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Supergirl (JLU)
Supergirl (JLU)
Alias: Supergirl
Real Name: Kara In-Ze
Place of Origin: Argo
Affiliation: Justice League, Superman Family
First Appearance Little Girl Lost
Voice Actor: Nicolle Tom
Character Type: hero

Supergirl is Kara, a survivor from Krypton's neighboring planet. Superman adopted her as his cousin and she joined him in his mission to protect Earth and promote peace. She eventually joined him in the Justice League when it expanded and had several adventures on her own as well as with other leaguers- even facing off against her clone Galatea Fearful Symmetry, and traveling to other worlds Chaos at the Earth's Core and even the future Far from Home. As she grew older however, she found she had to forge her own destiny and stayed in the future.


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Figure Image Description Release Accuracy
Supergirl 1 ver 1 Supergirl1ver1 basic figure DCSH:JLU single younger version
Supergirl 1 ver 2 Supergirl1ver2 silver version DCSH:JLU K-mart exclusive 3-pack redeco

Adult Version[]

Figure Image Description Release Accuracy
Supergirl 2 ver 1 Supergirl2ver1 older version DCU:JLUFC 6-pack show-based