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Man of Steel was a 1995 Kenner toyline based on the characters from Superman comic books. It must not be confused with the John Byrne mini-series The Man of Steel that reintroduces Superman, nor with the Superman movie Man of Steel and its own toyline.

Wave 1[]

Image Label Description
Power Flight Superman The basic Superman figure of the toyline, sporting the long hair he had after his return from the dead until his wedding. Has an arm-raising armor and includes chains to carry enemies.
Laser Superman The figure depicts Superman in his black costume shortly after his return from the dead. As Superman was unpowered at the time, the figure includes a gun with firing action.
Steel Steel wearing his original "Man of Steel" armor from the Reign of the Supermen. Includes his hammer and, by squeezing his legs, he turns his upper body to make a hammer hit.
Superboy Superboy in his original costume. Includes two spring-loaded LexCorp capture claws. Firing them represents Superboy using his tactile telekinesis to get free from them.
Conduit By turning a wheel on Conduit's back, his right arm spins. The left arm cables can be attached to each other to capture enemies.

Full Assault Superman vs Massacre 2-pack of a battle-damaged Superman and Massacre in his original costume. They include an exclusive comic.

Hunter-Prey Superman vs Doomsday 2-pack of Superman in his costume from the Hunter/Prey miniseries and Doomsday. They include an exclusive comic.
Superboy VTOL Cycle A motorcycle that can convert into a mini-jet. Includes a spring-loaded grappling hook that can attach to the bike and a muzzle for the Superboy figure (not included).

Wave 2[]

Image Label Description
Solar Suit Superman Superman in a green and gold costume.
Street Guardian Superman This is the Superman from the "Super Seven" Elseworlds.
Ultra Shield Superman Superman wearing the powered armor from "Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite", when a fifth-dimensional red Kryptonite took his powers away. The armor is detachable, but the costume underneath isn't the same color as in the comic (classic one without cape in the comic, black in the figure). To fit with Superman's look during that saga, this figure has short hair, unlike most others.
Lex Luthor This Lex Luthor figure includes a removable armor with a water-shooting helmet. The armor, when removed, can turn into a robotic insect.

Cyber- Superman vs Cyber-Link Batman 2-pack of Superman and Batman in cybernetic armors. They include an exclusive Elseworlds comic.
Kryptonian Battle Suit The Kryptonian armor from the Fortress of Solitude. Instead of the comics' green eagle, the toy has a silver Superman insignia.

Matrix Conversion Coupe with Clark Kent By pulling the car spoiler, it becomes a jet, while the seat and its passenger get hidden to reveal another set. The idea is to put Clark in the car seat and a Superman figure in the jet seat to have him "transforming" from Clark to Superman when the car becomes jet.