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Superman (Superman Batman Public Enemies)
Superman (Superman Batman Public Enemies)
Alias: Superman
Real Name: Kal-El/Clark Kent
Place of Origin: Krypton/Smalville
Affiliation: "World's Finest"
First Appearance [[]]
Voice Actor: Tim Daly
Character Type: hero

Superman appears in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies as well as Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

became Public Enemy number One along with Batman when President Lex Luthor sought to turn the impending meteor collision into a smear campaign against the Man of Steel.

When the meteor lands, however, they discover that they've got a bigger problem on their hands when Kal-El's cousin arrives, and both Wonder Woman and Darkseid have set their eyes on her.

While DC Direct made figures for the comic versions of the characters in both stories, Mattel focused on just the first film, with 3.25 and 6" scale figures in the style of the film.


6" Figures[]

Superman Pe-superman
Superman in metallic suit (variant) Pe-superman(variant)