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This is a TOY page. Listed here is the information collected on this particular toy.
Superman 1 ver 10
Superman 1 ver 10
Figure (and number): Superman 1 ver 10
Description: Eclipso-possessed
Basis: show-based ("Eclipsed" episode)
First Released 2009
Buck/Body Type: Superman 1
Points of Articulation: 5POA
Character Type possessed

This is a Superman in a basic costume deco but with paint ops to recall his appearance in the episode Eclipsed.

The figure was never rereleased.

Notable Differences[]

  • white eyes
  • black heart shards painted all over


DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection[]

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
N7222 "Justice League™ Eclipsed™" N7222 Green Lantern 1 ver 6
Hawkgirl ver 7
Superman 1 ver 10
The Flash 1 ver 5
Wonder Woman 1 ver 5
Eclipso ver 1