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This is a TOY page. Listed here is the information collected on this particular toy.
Superman 3 ver 3
Superman 3 ver 3
Figure (and number): Superman 3 ver 3
Description: Ultraman
Basis: comics
First Released 2011
Buck/Body Type: Superman 3
Points of Articulation: 5POA
Character Type villain

Ultraman is a repurposed Superman figure. He is the 2nd villain to be created using Superman's sculpt, the first being Superman Prime, that is unless you count Justice Lord Superman. This version is the third Crime Syndicate member to be produced, though he was the second announced.

The figure hasn't yet been rereleased.

Notable Differences from Superman figure[]

  • full body suit including hands
  • painted circular buckles (for the belt area)
  • no S shield, replaced by U-shield, unetched chest
  • no boots

Releases and Accessories[]

DC Superheroes:Justice League Unlimited[]

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
N7235 Ultraman™ N7235 Superman 3 ver 3 with
Steel bar (JLU accessory)