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Blue BeetleTed Kord (DC Universe)

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Ted Kord (DC Universe)
Ted Kord
Gender: Male
Toylines: DC Universe Classics
DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Character Type: Hero
Blue Beetle

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Bio (DCUC)[]

Ted Kord, friend and protege to the original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett, assumed the hero’s mantle when Garrett was fatally injured in combat with robots commanded by Ted’s uncle, Jarvis. Unfortunately Ted did not inherit any of Dan’s superpowers and instead studied a variety of martial arts skills, and inherited a multitude of non-lethal weapons, none greater than his "Bug," his solar-powered, stealthy, crime-fighting vehicle.


DC Universe Classics[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Wave Seven Wv7-bluebeetle Blue Beetle Blue Beetle
Ted in his Blue Beetle costume.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes[]

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