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Gender: Female
Toylines: Masters of the Universe Classics
Character Type: hero

Official Bio[]


Masters of the Universe Classics[]

Figures Image Accessories Release Date
Teela (MOTUC) Motuc-teela Teela sword (MOTUC accessory), Snake armor (MOTUC accessory), Snake staff (MOTUC accessory), Teela shield (MOTUC accessory), Alternate head (MOTUC), Zoar (MOTUC pack-in) October 2009
Battleground Teela (MOTUC) Motuc-battlegroundteela Battleground sword (MOTUC accessory), Battleground pistol (MOTUC accessory) June 2011 QUARTERLY FIGURE

In the comics and media[]

Teela was born when Skeletor used the power of Point Dread, appearing once each twenty years, to kidnap and clone the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Before he could transfer all her power to the clone, Man-At-Arms arrived and saved the Sorceress. Man-At-Arms raised the clone as his own daughter and named her Teela.

Teela has been trained in combat by her father, and is currently captain of the Palace Guards.