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The Atom (JLU)
The Atom (JLU)
Alias: The Atom
Real Name: Ray Palmer
Place of Origin: .
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance Initiation
Voice Actor: John C. McGinley
Character Type: hero

The Atom is the name of two heroes in the Justice League. This article refers to Professor Ray Palmer. The other 'Atom' is Ryan Choi (JLU).

Ray Palmer is a well-known scientist who has lent his services to the Justice League more than once before becoming a full active member. With the help of the shrinking ray in his belt, he is able to alter the dimensions of his body and shrink in size, while retaining most of his original strength.


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Figure Image Description Release Accuracy
The Atom 1 ver 1 Atom1ver1 regular-sized Justice League Unlimited recurring figure show-based
The Atom 2 ver 1 Atom2ver1 shrunken Justice League Unlimited pack-in show-based