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This is a TOY page. Listed here is the information collected on this particular toy.
The Atom 2 ver 2
The Atom 2 ver 2
Figure (and number): The Atom 2 ver 2
Description: miniature figure
Basis: comic-based
First Released 2009
Buck/Body Type: Type- mini
Points of Articulation: 5POA
Character Type hero, JL member

This is the miniaturized version of The Atom, a pack-in figure.


The Atom was released in his miniature form straightaway with the only ever Ryan Choi Atom figure, as a redeco of the previous miniature. The figure measures less than an inch and is painted in the exact same colors the regular size is done in. It was only released once.

Releases and Accessories[]

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
R5897 The Atom™ (Ryan Choi) R5897 The Atom 1 ver 2 with
The Atom 2 ver 2