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The Creeper (JLU)
The Creeper (JLU)
Alias: The Creeper
Real Name: Jack Ryder
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance Beware the Creeper
Voice Actor: Jeff Glen Bennett.
Character Type: hero

Jack Ryder was a news anchorman who fell victim to the Joker's laughing gas and then thrown into the same vat of chemicals that transformed the Joker. The chemicals, mixed with the Joker's toxin, turned Ryder into a yellow-skinned maniac called the Creeper. Despite being almost as crazy as the Joker, the Creeper was moral enough to eventually join the Justice League when they expanded their roster after the Thanagarian invasion.

Figure Image Description Release Basis
Creeper ver 1 Creeperver1 show-based