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Barry AllenThe Flash (The Batman)

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The Flash (The Batman)
The Flash (The Batman)
Alias: The Flash
Real Name: Barry Allen
Place of Origin: Central City
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance [[]]
Voice Actor: Charlie Schlatter
Character Type: hero

The Flash was first introduced to The Batman as a member of the new Justice League. Eventually the Batman had chances to work with him on paired missions, like when the Flash's enemy Mirror Master used mirror duplicates to frame the heroes.

The TV series never specifies the secret identity of this version of the Flash. The character includes character traits of Wally West yet is noticeably older than Robin (while comics Wally is near the same age). However, Alan Burnett has said he considers the Flash of the series to be Barry Allen.

Official Bio[]

The Flash can run at light speed and travel across dimensions of time with ease. His powers are unparalleled, earning him the nickname The Scarlet Speedster.


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