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This is a TOY page. Listed here is the information collected on this particular toy.
The Flash 3 ver 1
The Flash 3 ver 1
Figure (and number): The Flash 3 ver 1
Description: Alt. The Flash
Basis: redeco
First Released 2006
Buck/Body Type: Type 3- Slim
Points of Articulation: 9POA
Character Type hero, JL member

This Flash figure with its accessories, is part of the series of figures depiciting the Justice Lords (JLU).


Part of the 2nd set of Justice Lords. Just like Justice Lord Wonder Woman, it wasn’t based on any previous Flash figures but instead put in a generic sculpt to avoid painting over etched details that contradict the design. There has been some debate over the boots. Reviewing the DVD tells us that this Flash was modeled two ways, with full red boots and one with yellow boots that are topped with two red straps (strapped like all the other Lorders). To be faithful to the cartoon this figure should have the circuitry as the Brainiac bot versions Superman and Batman, since that’s the only time he appeared. It’s a nice round-up to the Lorders though.

Oddly enough, the figure makes a second appearance partnering up with Hawkman ver 1 or Hawkman ver 2 and Rocket Red ver 1 for a Series 6 3-pack. Currently, this is the only Justice Lord figure to be (rather randomly) available outside of other Justice Lord packs, perhaps this is due to its resemblance to another Flash villain, Professor Zoom, the reverse Flash. In the Hawkman pack he is renamed from just being ‘The Flash’ to ‘Alt. Flash’ while the rest of the Justice Lords are labeled as ‘Justice Lords’. The main reason may be because this particular version of the Flash was really never a Justice Lord to begin with.


Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
J3711 Justice Lords 3-pack II J3711 Green Lantern 3 ver 1,
The Flash 3 ver 1,
Martian Manhunter 2 ver 3
K9382 Hawkman 3-pack K9382b Rocket Red ver 1,
The Flash 3 ver 1,
Hawkman ver 1
K9382 (variant) Hawkman 3-pack (variant) K9382 Rocket Red ver 1,
The Flash 3 ver 1,
Hawkman ver 2