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Timber WolfTimber Wolf (Legion of Super Heroes)

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Timber Wolf (Legion of Super Heroes)
Timber Wolf (Legion of Super Heroes)
Alias: Timber Wolf
Real Name: Brin Londo
Place of Origin: Zuun
Affiliation: Legion of Super Heroes
First Appearance Timber Wolf (episode)
Voice Actor: Shawn Harrison
Character Type: hero

Young Brin Londo was subjected to experiments by his father until he became a feral being. Dr Mar Londo asked the Legion of Super Heroes for help to catch the "monster", but after they found the truth, they took Brin as one of them under the codename Timber Wolf.

A Timber Wolf figure was planned with the Legion of Super Heroes toyline. The line however did not see production, but Timber Wolf was released as a Happy Meal non-articulated figure by McDonald's.


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