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The Titans are a group of teenage superheroes that operate independently of the Justice League or other superhero groups. In most media, typically, they are sidekicks or those who carry on the legacy of their predecessors. Batman refers to Robin as being "with the Titans" during his tenure with the League. Hard as Nails Also, a "green one" from the Titans is referenced, likely referring to Beast Boy Romeo in the Mix. Of note is how Speedy's appearance is nearly identical to his appearance in appearance in the non-DCAU Teen Titans series. However, he is not referenced directly as a member in the DCAU.

Even though the Titans never appeared in any DCAU series, the Justice League Unlimited toyline released enough characters who are members of the team in comic books to assemble a version of the team.

Outside the DCAU[]

The team began when the young sidekicks of some Justice League members united as the Teen Titans, and with time other teen heroes joined them. After the team members became adults, the team was renamed New Titans, and later just Titans.



Static Shock

  • Hard as Nails - Robin is mentioned
  • Romeo in the Mix - "the green one" is referenced.