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Tomar Re (DCUC Green Lantern's Light)
Tomar Re (DCUC Green Lantern's Light)
Figure (and number):
Description: Tomar Re
Basis: standard-issue GL uniform
First Released DCUC Green Lantern's Light
Buck/Body Type: basic
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero


Official Bio[]

An ordinary scientist from an obscure planet named Xudar, Tomar-Re never dreamed he would be chosen to serve in the Green Lantern Corps, much less that his name would one day stand for courage and integrity, assigned to protect Space Sector 2813, Tomar-Re distinguished himself so thoroughly in the line of duty that the Guardians of the Universe promoted him to their elite honor guard.

Other Details[]

Size: 16cm
Accesories: power battery
Headswapped from: Green Lantern (DCUC wave 3)


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