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Two-Bad (MOTUC)
Two-Bad (MOTUC)
Basis: original toyline
First Released 2014
Buck/Body Type: unique
Points of Articulation: 24
Character Type Evil Warrior

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Tuvar and Badra

Originally hired as bounty hunters to track down He-Man®, Tuvar and Badra were magically fused together in an unrepeatable spell by Skeletor® in retribution for their failure. Now called “Two Bad®,” this new multi-headed creature became a mixed blessing for the Evil Warriors. When his two heads are working together Two Bad® is nearly as clever and devious as Skeletor® and his advantage in battle is doubled. However his two heads rarely get along. Quite often the two heads will bicker with one another just at the wrong moment. Two Bad® is double trouble, twice the plotting power of other evil foes.


  • Two-Bad shield (MOTUC accessory)
  • Two-Bad mace (MOTUC accessory)