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Two-Face (JLU)
Two-Face (JLU)
Alias: Two-Face
Real Name: Harvey Dent
Place of Origin: Gotham City
Affiliation: Gotham Villains
First Appearance [[]]
Voice Actor:
Character Type: villain

District Attorney Harvey Dent, after having half of his face scarred, becomes a villain who uses a coin to take good or bad decisions.

Figure Image Description Release Basis
Two-Face ver 1 Twofacever1 plaid suit Batman (Mattel Animated Line) 2-pack redeco
Two-Face ver 2 Twofacever2 black suit and prison-suit Batman (Mattel Animated Line) 4-pack redeco
Two-Face ver 3 Twofacever3 grey suit and prison suit Batman (Mattel Animated Line) single redeco