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UltramanUltraman (DC Universe)

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Ultraman (DC Universe)
Clark Kent
Gender: male
Toylines: DC Universe Classics
DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Character Type: villain

Official Bio[]

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Battle for Earth 3[]

Born on the planet Krypton of an alternate universe where good and evil are reversed, Ultraman quickly became the most powerful super-criminal of that planet. A mirror-image of Superman, Ultraman had all the powers and abilities of Kal-El, only with the desire to use them for evil. He joined with other super-criminals to form the Crime Syndicate of America, the evil opposite force of the Justice League. Ultraman's primary opposition came from Alexander Luthor, Sr., a genius scientist devoted to bettering humanity through his inventions.

Crime Syndicate of Amerika[]

Ultraman, leader of the Crime Syndicate and evil opposite of Superman, has similar powers to the Man of Steel; however, he is not a son of Krypton. Born human, Clark Kent was a deep space astronaut who imploded into hyperspace. An alien gave him a superhuman body, with a twisted mind, and sent him back home. Ultraman is a megalomaniac and uses his extraordinary powers for evil.


DC Universe Classics[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Battle for Earth 3
Ultraman Ultraman (big U, red boots)
Pre-Crisis look.
Crime Syndicate of Amerika
Ultraman Ultraman (U in inverted S-shield, Kryptonite capsules on waist)
Post-Crisis look.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes[]

Single release[]

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