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Vixen (JLU)
Vixen (JLU)
Alias: Vixen
Real Name: Mari McCabe
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance Initiation
Voice Actor: Gina Torres
Character Type: hero, JL member

Vixen wields the power of the Tantu totem which allows her access to the natural skills of any animal she can think of. On her time away from superheroics, Vixen is a supermodel. She joined the league when it expanded and began a relationship with John Stewart, which prompted a rivalry between her and John's ex-girlfriend Shayera Hol.


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Figure Image Description Release Accuracy
Vixen ver 1 Vixenver1 basic figure DCSH:JLU 3-pack show-based
Vixen ver 2 Vixenver2 color-corrected DCSH:JLU single show-based