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WildcatWildcat (DC Universe)

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Wildcat (DC Universe)
Ted Grant
Gender: Male
Toylines: DC Universe Classics
DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Character Type: Hero

Official Bio[]

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Bio (DCUC)[]

Ted Grant was a heavyweight boxing champion in the 1930′s. He became a fugitive when mobsters framed him for murder in the ring. Ted donned a black costume and adopting the name Wildcat, used his combat skills to beat a confession out of the men who framed him. Wildcat decided to remain in costume and focused his attention on mob-related crime. In his civilian identity, Ted Grant has operated a gym and trained Batman, Black Canary and Catwoman in hand-to-hand combat arts.


DC Universe Classics[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Wave Nine Wv9-wildcat(black) Wildcat Wildcat (black costume)
Wildcat in an all-black version of his costume.
Wave Nine Wv9-wildcat(purple) Wildcat Wildcat (purple costume)
Purple variant trying to get an intermediate tone between the black and blue highlights Wildcat has in the comics.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes[]

Single release[]

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