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Wonder Woman 1 ver 4
Wonder Woman 1 ver 4
Figure (and number): Wonder Woman 1 ver 4
Description: basic figure redo
Basis: show-based
First Released 2005
Buck/Body Type: Wonder Woman 1
Points of Articulation: 5POA
Character Type hero


The Wonder Woman 1st sculpt was released once again to match the first sculpt release of all seven members. The paint used is closer to that used of the Wonder Woman figures before her, which means compared to the original, she has darker skintone and costume colors overall. Many copies of the figure suffer from bad paint transfer which leads to misplaced star on the tiara or lipstick displacement. The figure also appears in revised repacking of the JUSTICE LEAGUE Original Members Collection in Toys R Us in the Philippines


Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
DC Superheroes™ Justice League- Original Members Collection L7251(b) Superman 1 ver 7,
Batman 1 ver 8,
Hawkgirl ver 4,
The Flash 1 ver 5,
Green Lantern 1 ver 3,
Martian Manhunter 1 ver 7,
Wonder Woman 1 ver 4
SKU needed Wonder Woman™ DCUFC-Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1 ver 4 with
Lasso (plastic) (JLU accessory)
N2106 The Question 3-pack N2106 The Question ver 1
The Flash 1 ver 5
Wonder Woman 1 ver 4
N7251 Blackhawk 3-pack N7251 Superman 1 ver 7
Blackhawk ver 1
Wonder Woman 1 ver 4