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Wonder Woman 2 ver 5
Wonder Woman 2 ver 5
Figure (and number): Wonder Woman 2 ver 5
Description: basic figure (modified)
Basis: show-based
First Released 2006
Buck/Body Type: Wonder Woman 2
Points of Articulation: 6POA
Character Type hero


This Wonder Woman is somewhat identical to her previous incarnations from the Mission Vision line, Wonder Woman 2 ver 1, and Wonder Woman 2 ver 2, except for now having a blue cape as opposed to the previous red. It is a return to the caped incarnation of the figure, utilizing the space behind the hair for its intended purpose. As for colors this is the last Wonder Woman to utilize the darker red hues also present in some previous releases. Subsequent figures have lighter reds but keep the darker blues.


Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
J2029 Wonder Woman™ J2029 Wonder Woman 2 ver 5 with
MV WW goggles (JLU accessory)