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World's Greatest Superheroes is a DC Universe Classics series that was first released with wave 7 of the line. It is not, strictly speaking, a separate toyline, but rather a series of re-releases of earlier figures with a DC Universe figure stand to be able to introduce preexisting figures into later waves.

Later, the subline was renamed to All-star and included not only re-releases but store-exclusive redecos as well.


They can easily be distinguished with the front package stating 'World's Greatest Superheroes' instead of referring to Collect-and-Connect pieces, which these figures do not have. The cardback shows only six figures at a time with a 'rotating roster' with Batman on the left end and The Flash on the right end.

Re-release Series[]

These figures were featured in the cardbacks as options.

New with Figure Previous Release
re-release Classic Detective/Crime Stopper Batman Wv1-batman DCUC wave 1
re-release Green Lantern Hal Jordan Wv3-haljordan DCUC wave 3
DCUC wave 7 re-release Wonder Woman Wv4-wonderwoman DCUC wave 4
re-release Classic Firestorm Wv2-firestorm(classic) DCUC wave 2
re-release Robin Wv3-robin DCUC wave 3
re-release Captain Marvel ("Shazam!") Wv6-captmarvel DCUC wave 6
re-release Superman 5pk-superman Gotham City 5 (5 pack)
re-release The Flash Wv7-flash DCUC wave 7
re-release Batman 5pk-batman Gotham City 5 (5 pack)