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Zatanna (JLU)
Zatanna (JLU)
Alias: Zatanna, Mistress of Magic
Real Name: Zatanna Zatara
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance Zatanna (episode)
Voice Actor: Jennifer Hale
Character Type: hero, JL member

Zatanna is the daughter-protege of Zatara, whom Batman has trained with in his earlier years. Long-time friends with Batman, and having shared numerous adventures, she eventually joins the Justice League at the onset of its expansion. Batman trusts her even with personal things. This Little Piggy She has been known to face off against mystical forces greater than herself, with her specialty- spells that are 'spelled' backwards.


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Figure Image Description Release Accuracy
Zatanna ver 1 Zatannaver1 basic figure, white shirt, brown stockings DCSH:JLU single, 3-pack licensing art
Zatanna ver 2 Zatannaver2 basic figure, powder-blue shirt, brown stockings DCSH:JLU 3-pack licensing art
Zatanna ver 3 Zatannaver3 color-corrected, basic figure, white shirt, grey stockings DCU:JLUFC unreleased show-based